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How to Be an Amazing Hotel Porter

When you think of a hotel you think of a porter - it just can’t be helped. This isn’t simply good mental marketing from the porter’s union. Porters are emblems of the hospitality industry for a whole host of reasons and we go into depth on each of them in this course. We also go into best practices for porters with luggage handling, guest interactions, safety and anything else.

If you’re looking to improve your portering game, aiming to ace an upcoming job interview or seeking to train a fresh crop of hospitality hopefuls then this 30-minute course on porter basics is the one for you.
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  • This course is perfect for:
  • Anyone looking to train a porter, become a porter or improve as a porter.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Donnchadh Tiernan

Coach at The Hotel Club
Irish by birth, English literature and media by discipline and international by nature - after 10+ years in hospitality across a variety of positions I have turned to the production of educational materials for that sector.
Ask me anything, anytime and we'll both probably learn something.