Building and Maintaining Successful Visibility Online

Your hotel's website can be the magnet for guests everywhere. This course isn't just about building a website - it's about creating a sales engine that works around the clock.


This course is ideal for: - Hotel owners and managers - Marketing professionals in the hospitality industry


  • Introduction

  • Maximising your visibility through OTA’s

  • Mastering Facebook

  • The Gmail Guide for Hotels

  • Navigating the Google Ecosystem

  • Final Quiz on Building and Maintaining Successful Visibility Online

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Thank you Donnchadh and the Hotel Club team for sharing this knowledge. It's more than ever needed to unlock the keys of success in this very competitive industry!

Raymond Niane Raymond Niane

Thank you for the compliment Raymond!

Marc-Antoine de la Rüe du Can Raymond Niane

Very interesting with clear actionable steps, no vague language but explicit instructions!

Emilie De Preter Emilie De Preter

I'm delighted you found it so useful and thank you for saying so

Donnchadh Tiernan Emilie De Preter

Nice Work!! :)

Simeon Totev Simeon Totev

Thanks very much Simeon!

Donnchadh Tiernan Simeon Totev

the information about the google ecosystem was quite helpful! thanks

Umang Sejpal Umang Sejpal

Hello Umang, I am glad it has been useful to you! We are now working on a training about artifical intelligence that I think you will like!

Marc-Antoine Dlrdc Umang Sejpal