Certified Data-Driven Decision Maker in Hospitality

Use data to make informed decisions to boost your hotel's performance. Understand KPIs. Master pricing strategies. This course looks at data-driven strategies for success in the hospitality sector.


This course is best suited to: - Hotel owners aiming to optimise operations - Marketing and operational executives


  • Introduction

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Event-Driven Analytics

  • Mastering the Demand Calendar

  • Cost-Based vs Value-Based Pricing

  • Advanced Pricing Strategies in Hospitality

  • Crafting Effective Hotel Offers

  • Top 10 Pitfalls: What NOT to Do

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I needed this course, super useful and complete! Thank you.

Sara Vasconcelos Sara Vasconcelos

We are glad this was useful Sara, now you are a pro in Revenue Management!

Marc-Antoine Dlrdc Sara Vasconcelos